2013 EDITIONNS3 post-symposium summary

Nitrex Metal along with its sponsors United Process Controls, Industrial Heating magazine and The Monty held another great symposium this past November in Vegas. NS3 continued the tradition of providing a space where researchers, industry and applied users can come together. At this year’s event, 66 participants from 14 countries arrived to learn about the latest from researchers and industry practitioners who shared with the audience their practical experience and technical expertise in the field of nitriding/nitrocarburizing.

The breadth of topics covered in NS3 included Dimensional Considerations and Alloy Selection for Gas Nitrided Gears; Corrosion Resistance Improved by Controlled Post Oxidation; Allowed-for Tolerances Affect on Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing Results; Effects of Variation of Process Setup on Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing Results; Review of Japanese Heat Treatment and Nitrocarburizing Processes; Closed-Loop Control for Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing; Independently controlled Carbon and Nitrogen Potential – A New Approach to Carbonitriding Processes; Nanotribological Measurements of Nitrided Layers; Low Temperature Nitriding on Plastically Deformed Austenitic Stainless Steels; Low temperature gaseous surface hardening of stainless steel: the current status; Corrosion resistance and Hardness of Low Temperature Nitrided Stainless Steels; Modeling Surface Processes and Kinetics of Compound Layer Formation during Plasma Nitriding of Pure Iron; Influence of Steel Surface Condition on Nitriding Results; Furnace Preventative Maintenance.

Dr. George Totten was honored in absentia with Hephaestus Award for his long-standing efforts in quenching and tribology, as well as his contributions to standards development. The symposium ended with time devoted to open discussion, and one area that generated a high level of interest among many attendees was surface activation methods for stainless steel.

Thank you to all of our participants – sponsors, speakers, co-chairmen, and attendees – who made this event a success, and see you all in 2016.