2016 editionNS4 post-symposium summary – another successful edition

Nitrex Metal along with its sponsors United Process Controls, The Monty, and Global Heat Treat Network held another great symposium this past November in Vegas, USA. NS4 continued the tradition of providing an open forum where researchers, industry and applied users can meet and share their practical and technical experience in the field of nitriding and nitrocarburizing. This year’s event was co-chaired by Mr. Michel Korwin, President of Nitrex Metal, and Dr. Witold Liliental, Senior Staff Metallurgist at Bodycote NMT.

Results from the post-symposium survey indicated that 100% of the respondents were satisfied with the educational content and networking opportunities of NS4. Similarly, most of the ratings indicate that participants were satisfied with the venue, website, speakers, and overall organization of the event. A few illustrative comments include:
– “Thank you to Nitrex and its team for putting together this useful and educational conference.”
– “The unique value of NS4 is that it’s an unbiased forum for heat treat professionals like myself to meet and exchange info.”
– “Well organized event with a good mix of presentations.”
– “The conference was good. For the next edition, I’d like to see more speakers from the industry.”

In keeping with tradition, the Hephaestus Award for honoring outstanding leaders in the heat treating community was bestowed in-absentia to Mr. John Hubbard, past CEO of Bodycote Plc, for his distinguished contributions to the development of heat treating worldwide. Mr. Hubbard delivered his acceptance speech via video, click here to view it.

The breadth of topics covered in NS4 included Practical Gas Nitriding of Aerospace Gears; Elements of Uniformity and Reproducibility of Controlled Gas Nitriding; Activation of Surfaces Prior to Gaseous Nitriding of a 3wt.% Cr Carbon Iron-based Alloy; Environmentally-Friendly Depassivation and Nitriding of Stainless Steels; Electrochemical Behaviour in SBF of 316l Stainless Steel Thermochemically Treated; Prediction of the Hardness Profile of Tempered & Gas Nitrided Low Alloyed Steel; How to Determine Pre-Nitriding Properties Based on Hardenability and Tempering Conditions – a Comparison of the Most Popular Approaches; North American Introduction to Active Screen Plasma Nitriding (ASPN); Differences in Plasma Nitriding Technology, New Developments from Ion Heat by Ion Heat; Solution-Oriented Approach to Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing Controls; Parts Cleaning Before & After Nitriding as a Value-Added Process Step; Versatility and Technological Possibilities of Controlled Ferritic Nitrocarburizing; Simulation of Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing Process; and Mathematical Modeling & Simulation of the Compound Layer Growth Kinetics in Cylindrical Surfaces during Plasma Nitriding of Pure Iron.

Thank you to all of our participants – sponsors, speakers, co-chairmen, and attendees – who made this event a success. We look forward to seeing you again in 2019.